Site Updates – May 2019

First up is a new short horror script has been added to scripts page that is available for option – Ganglers!

A jaded correction officer transporting a busload of restrained inmates must choose whether to defend the prisoners she despises when they are attacked by creatures with a twisted sense of justice.

So, you’re a hard ass, no nonsense female correction officer on a bus filled with the most vile scum of the earth, when suddenly this gangly creature attacks. What do you do? Protect a bunch of inmates who you don’t think deserve to live, or help the creature dish out justice? That’s the dilema our ‘hero’ faces in Ganglers, a 13-page tense horror with a few twists!

Next is an overview of a TV Drama workshop run by the producer and co-creator of the hit TV show ‘Marcella’ – Nicola Larder. Mark was lucky enough to be invited to this session and a blog he wrote about the experience is available in the Articles section of the Produced & Published Page and a direct link is available here.

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