I used to be a guy who let a hundred different forms of fear hold my creativity back.

I used to write stories and only share them with a few close friends, or they would stay forever locked on an ancient, monolithic PC; never to see the light of day.

I then went through what can only be described as a genetic mutation. I shed my fear, threw out everything he thought I knew about writing and started anew.

From that day forth I have written numerous short and feature-length scripts, some of which have been produced into independent films. I also write prose and have had several short stories and comics, some published. I am currently adding the finishing touches to my first novel.

My writing and produced films have received awards from prestigious film festivals and writing competitions. I’m the winner of the inaugural Inroads Fellowship Award and more recently I won Shriekfest, a horror festival that’s been running in Los Angeles for twenty years.

If you are looking for a screenplay to produce, a story to adapt or you are simply a fan of reading stories, feel free to peruse my website at your leisure and contact Mark if you wish to discuss optioning or have any queries.