Two Articles on Dialogue Published on Dominic Morgan’s Scriptfella website

For over two decades, Dominic Morgan worked as a professional screenwriter in London &  Hollywood. He wrote 45 screenplays, 35 of which were optioned, commissioned or paid for by producers and studios, including projects for Scott Free (Ridley Scott), Universal, Working Title, BBC, ITV Studios & Bold Films. Six of the screenplays he worked on were produced as films or TV.

Dominic learned about the Hollywood game from the inside. He was represented by some of the top literary agents in Hollywood, including UTA, APA and powerhouse manager Jewel Ross. He grossed over $1 million from script sales and writing assignments and earned membership to the Writers Guild of America (WGA).

Now, Dominic, AKA Scriptfella, runs a consultancy company aimed to help those who aspire to become professional working screenwriters and offers screenplay intelligence via his social media network and website.

I’ve been lucky enough to have two articles published on about dialogue in screenplays. The first is, Why do actors and directors butcher our dialogue?  in which I list the main reasons flowery dialogue and monologues are frowned upon in the screenplay world.

The second article then offers advice on making your dialogue stand out in the slush pile for all the right reasons. Dialogue – Three Ways to Make it Zing!

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