Surrender Comic

The creative talent over at Hyperepics have given Mark’s short film ‘Surrender’ a comic book adaptation. The film is a Jacob’s Ladder style descent towards rock bottom for a functioning alcoholic who struggles to get through each day in a surreal and frightening world where his inner demons appear real.

The comic adaptation manages to capture the essence of the story using vivid black & white colours which gives the art a grim and gritty vibe. There are only a few words of dialogue in the film. The comic takes this approach one step further, allowing the images to convey every aspect without any dialogue at all. It is remarkably powerful, especially if you listen to Zaalen Tallis’s haunting soundtrack which accompanies both the comic and film itself.  

It can be viewed here.

Surrender was first featured in the Depth of Field International Film Festival. It won Exceptional Merit awards for the film itself, as well as award for Best Lead Actor, Best Score and Mark,  received an award for Best Screenwriter.

Since then it has won Best Narrative Short Film in the Los Angeles Film Awards, an Honorable Mention Award for lead actor Aram Hekinan in the Top Shorts film festival and it won 1st place at the 8th Annual MCNY International Short Film Festival in New York. It has also featured in the Awareness film festival in Los Angeles and the Sunderland’s Shorts film festival.

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