Boobs and Blood Film Festival Winner

Now there is a name that grabs your attention! Boobs and Blood is a film festival which has been running for 11 years in Los Angeles. It is a totally unique and unapologetic celebration of fun exploitation horror, thrillers, fantasy, sci-fi, erotic, comedy and psychotronic culture. The emphasis is on FUN and FUNDRAISING for Breast Cancer Charity, the KEEP A BREAST FOUNDATION, plus the awards are judged by an all-woman panel.

This year, Mark’s horror screenplay, Ganglers has been awarded Best Short Script in the Un-Produced script category and he has been invited to the awards ceremony in LA in 2021 to collect his prizes.

Ganglers tells the tale of a jaded correction officer transporting a busload of restrained inmates who are attacked by a creature with a twisted sense of justice. She must choose whether to defend the prisoners she despises or fend for herself. It can be read HERE and is currently available to be optioned.

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