Lockdown, But Not Out

I’ve worked the 9-5 for more years than I’d care to admit, while writing and producing on weekends. I always promised myself if I was ever given the opportunity to write more, I’d take every advantage.

Like many others during the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself locked down and furloughed. Although the situation was stressful, I had no more excuses. It was time to put up or shut the f… up.

I’m more creative and alert in the morning (and that’s when the coffee seems to hold extra special magic abilities for me) so I created a morning routine and stuck to it, writing pretty much every day for over three months.

The results were – 2 short stories, both over 10k words each, 5 short screenplays, 1 feature-length screenplay and I even produced a home made short film.

I am pleased to announce 1 of the short screenplays has already sold. We Are Still Here – a story inspired by the lockdown about a grandmother in the latter stages of dementia stuck in a care home during the pandemic. Her daughter and granddaughter use technology to remind her how much she’s loved and make sure she is never alone. This has been snapped up by Vanessa Marcanoa, a filmmaker who lives in Mexico. The script has been adapted for that region and pre-production is well underway by production company Marea Productions with Black Tie Sound taking care of logistics.

As for the rest, here are the details.

Feature Screenplay – True Colours (Comedy Thriller)

When a crimson smog covers the world and removes the impulse control from anyone it touches, an unpopular young developer with borderline personality disorder is trapped with her colleagues when their true selves are revealed and one among them is a killer.

Written during and inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the first 15 pages are available to view here. If you are interested in reading the full screenplay, contact me

Short Story – Ultimate Adversary (Fantasy)

Marek is the leader of a band of magical warriors who defend the land from the forces of evil, only this time they are losing badly. Innocents are attacked by Faceless minions, while the land is suffering from a form of magical sickness which creates black holes in the landscape. Marek must lead his dwindling forces on a futile quest without any clues or much in the way of hope.

Click to read here.

Short Story – Indiana Jones and the Lair of the Horned Serpent (Fan Fiction)

Stuck with his students in an underground lair designed to fool even the most experienced tomb raider, Indiana Jones is on a race against time to find a way out and protect his class from being dismissed permanently.

Click to read here.

Short Screenplay – First Generation (Sci-Fi)

When a first generation android takes her pedroid dog in for repairs, an accident turns her world upside down and reveals her entire existence has been a lie. 

Click here to read it.

Short Screenplay Woke (Sci-Fi Horror)

A man wakes up from a virtual life to find the real world a complete nightmare where humans are used for experimentation and food. He must escape from the labs while avoiding some very familiar faces. 

Click here to read it.  

I will add the other short screenplays when I’ve written a second draft.

Short Film – Covid-19 Science Experiments

Shot at home, on a mobile phone just for fun. This is a film I made with my wife and daughter during the 2020 lockdown and is a comedy about all the misleading medical advice which was spreading via social media at the time. 

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  1. You are absolutely bonkers,(apparently so is your family), that’s why I love you, your homemade film about the experiments is genius, keep doing what you’re doing Mark, you’re FAB xxx

    1. Thanks, Karen! 🙂

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