New screenplays added!

There are a couple of new short screenplays in the scripts section of the site.

The first is a dark experimental piece. Suicide seems front and centre at present. I certainly feel it as my step-brother hung himself last year and my train journey is regularly affected by people jumping on the line. I was wondering what brings people to this precipice where they can see only one way out? I’ve never given suicide serious thought but I’m often plagued by the idea of just giving up. That’s the idea behind The Way Out. It’s a symbolic representation of the depths of despair the brain must be enduring when the urge to take one’s own life becomes unbearable. It also offers a ray of hope and a lifeline, showing that if we just hold on a little longer, things will get better.

Second is the polar opposite by comparison. Geratricks (spelt incorrectly on purpose) is a comedy about a group of desperado (for healthcare) 80-year-olds who attempt quite incompetently (and incontinently) to rob a bank.

Both are available for production, reach out if you have any questions, would like to option any of my scripts or have a project you think I’d be suitable for.

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