New Short Screenplays available

Two new short screenplays have been added to the Scripts page, details are below.

Slayfest is a low budget comedy horror about a couple of wannabe clueless serial killers who haul a body through the hills to participate in a secret annual Slayfest competition. During their ascent, they encounter a hiker with murderous intentions. Much hilarity as well as a fair amount of stabbing ensues.

Minimal locations, 2 main characters, 5 supporting characters and no CGI – just lots of fake blood. It can be read here.

Fungi is a higher budget horror, the type of material you need to get really noticed on the film festival circuit. It’s about a middle-aged lab assistant who has used humour to mask a lifetime of abuse. He finally snaps and decides to end it all in spectacular fashion. I like to think of this as a prequel to The Last of Us as it explains how such an apocalypse could have started.

When Fungi was sent to Wescreenplay for assessment, their script report was overwhelmingly positive. They said, “It may sound blasphemous to some people, but I truly believe what Todd Philips and Scott Silver achieved in 122 minutes of Joker, the writer of this script has managed to achieve in less than 8 minutes.”

Fungi can be read here.

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