New Table Read Added – The Attack

A table read by professionals is an amazing way to bring life to a story. A short one-page story by Mark has won the prize of such a table read from the Wildsound Festival over in Toronto, Canada. The reading was recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

The Attack attempts to convey how an ordinary guy deals with a sudden panic attack. He’s getting ready to go to work on a normal day when WHAM, the attack strikes without warning. This isn’t his first encounter with what he describes as ‘his unseen enemy’ and indeed he does perceive the attack as a form of battle with an invisible entity. Doing so helps him to focus, to fight back until the attack recedes. As in all battles, there is a victor, a loser and blood is spilled.

The Attack is available in the Table Reads section of the Produced and Published page and also available by clicking here.

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