January 12, 2016

Produced & Published


Anything Mark has produced or published will be here. Well, almost anything. The embarrassing incident with the penguin and the sprouts will never see the light of day.

The Dollmaker

THE DOLLMAKER // Short Film from Al Lougher on Vimeo.

A grieving mother latches on to a magical surrogate for her lost child. But small miracles come with big consequences!

The is a short film Mark helped to produce. It is a winner of numerous film festival awards, including best short horror at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con and currently has over 14 MILLION VIEWS on YouTube!

The Dollmaker was directed by Al Lougher and written by top Hollywood scribe, Martias Caruso.

The Survivor: A Tale From The Nearscape

This is the third film written and produced by Mark and this time it’s sci-fi! In a post-apocalyptic world where the air is toxic to breathe and oxygen is a precious resource, a young boy embarks on a perilous supply run to obtain water and medicine for his ailing mother. With just his toy robot as a companion on his journey, he faces many obstacles, but the real danger is waiting for him back home.

The Survivor has won Best Sci-Fi awards at the Top Shorts and Festigious Film Festivals.

The Survivor also serves as a proof of concept for a TV series Mark is developing called The Nearscape. For more information, check out the official website and Facebook page.


This is the second film written and produced by Mark. It is about functioning alcoholic as he struggles to get through the day in a surreal and frightening world where his inner demons appear real. Haunted by his worst fears, his sanity starts to slip, as does what little control he has left over his addiction.

Surrender was first featured in the Depth of Field International Film Festival in 2016. It won Exceptional Merit awards for the film itself, as well as award for best Lead Actor, Best Score and Mark himself received an award for best Screenwriter.

Since then it has won Best Narrative Short Film in the Los Angeles Film Awards, an Honorable Mention Award for lead actor Aram Hekinan in the Top Shorts film festival and it won 1st place at the 8th Annual MCNY International Short Film Festival in New York.

It has also featured in the Awareness film festival in Los Angeles and the Sunderlands Shorts film festival.

For more information, check out the Facebook page.

No More Tomorrows

A short film written and produced by Mark to showcase his work. A self-centred young woman on a family road trip encounters two strangers who are far more dangerous than they appear. As fate intervenes, she has to find the courage to learn to live for today if her family have any chance to see another tomorrow.

No More Tomorrows is now available to rent or for free on Amazon in both the UK and USA





So Dark

An avid Twilight fan takes the late train home and encounters a real Vampire. So Dark  is a Web TV series which Mark helped to produce and is now available on Amazon. Directed by Mark’s friend Al Lougher and written by the annoyingly talented James Williams, two episodes are currently available with more in the pipeline. See the Facebook page for more details.

I Am Peter Cushing

This tells a ‘Day in the Life’ story of a man who believes Vampires are real and he is the legendary Vampire-Hunter, Peter Cushing!
This is what started it all. Back in 1656, Al Lougher and Mark Renshaw joined forces for the first time. Their mission, to make a short out of anything they could get their hands on. Mark wrote the script and was the lead actor. He also forced his family to be the extras. Al did everything else, including dropping and breaking the only (borrowed) camera we had.

The result was basic, amateurish but in a shock twist it actually won Best Amateur Short Film in the 2002 Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester, England.

Ragnarok is an Edgar Allen Poe, Cthulhu Mythos inspired tale called Ragnarok. Set in modern times, it tells the tale of a special forces unit who are sent into a massive, creepy abandoned mansion after several police officers go missing. What they find is the beginning of a supernatural extinction level threat. Can they make it out and warn the rest of the world before it is too late? This story features in SNAFU: Resurrection published by Cohesion Press. It can be ordered via the links below.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon AU


Amazon Canada

Automatic Drive is set in the not-too-distant future. It tales the tragic tale of a family on a road-trip. The corporate highway is fully automatic, nothing can possibly go wrong. So of course, it does. The impossible occurs, yet in the way it is handled, not only does it become apparent that such accidents happen more frequently then everyone is lead to believe, but special contingencies are in place to deal with them.

This has been published in The Singularity 50, by Create50. – A bold concept. 50 stories set over the next 50 years chronicling of the rise of Artificial Intelligence until it reaches a point known as The Singularity – when A.I. gains sentience. The book can be ordered on Amazon.


Two of Mark’s short stories have won an international competition and been published as part of an anthology called An Eclectic Mix Volume 7.  Each story is from an international competition winner and can be ordered from Amazon or direct from the publisher Lulu.

The two stories are:

No Title – The story has no title because it is not a story, it is a battle for the reader’s soul. Two opposing higher powers attempt to persuade the reader to follow their path. Which side will you choose?

Fear – A university student is conducting a thesis on a theory she has about the origins of fear. She invites a fellow student to take part in an experiment, but her theories reveal far more than she ever imagined.

My Doctor

My Doctor is a special episode of Doctor Who starring almost every incarnation of the famous Time Lord; up to and including Matt Smith. It also features some of his most notorious adversaries, such as the Daleks, Cybermen and The Master.

The Attack

Following on from My Doctor, the Wildsound Film Festival requested a one page short story from Mark they could use in an upcoming table read session. He delved deep into his archives (stories folder on his PC) and found a short story which fitted the bill called The Attack. This was a tale of a man suffering from panic attack and how he dealt with these situations. The Wildsound Festival accepted the submission and above is the resulting table read.

The Broken Kingdom

The Broken Kingdom is a short script that won ‘Best Fantasy Screenplay’ at the 2018 Los Angeles Film Awards has also won a table read by actors at the Wildsound Film Festival. It is set in an alternate timeline in which Guy Fawkes blew up parliament and overthrew the English monarchy. In its anniversary in 2018, a French-American businessman finds himself on the run with Scottish Freedom Fighters after he inadvertently commits an act of heresy.

Script Lab with Nicola Larder

Mark was lucky enough to qualify for a limited spot in a drama TV lab down at Ealing Studios in London, with the co-creator and producer of the hit TV show ‘Marcella’. He was asked to write a blog about the experience which was published on the London Screenwriters’ Festival website and can be viewed here.

Interview on the Script Shop Show

Script Shop is committed to furthering the work of screenwriters by conducting evocative podcast interviews regarding the screenwriter, their background, and the screenplay in question. In this online interview, they discuss and read out in full, Mark’s short prizewinning script ‘Cyborn’ and discuss his approach to writing.

How To Utilize A Painful Past in Creating a Successful Film

An interview with Mark about his short film ‘Surrender’ was published in The Independent Film magazine.

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Changing the Narrative around Addiction in Film

Mark’s short film ‘Surrender’ was selected to take part in the 2017 Top Shorts film festival. The organisers requested Mark write a blog about the short movie, which they published on their website.

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The Entrepeneurial Screenwriter nmt3

Mark wrote a blog detailing some of the challenges encountered when filming his short film, No More Tomorrows.

This was published on the Create50 website.

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The Agony and Ecstasy of Creating

While entering scripts and short stories into Twisted 50 and Impact 50 competitions, Mark wrote a blog about his experiences which was published on the Create 50 Initiative website.

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Mark’s Submitting To Film Festivals Guide

Mark is a regular contributor to the Simply Scripts website forum. He posted a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ summary of his personal experiences submitting No More Tomorrows onto the festival circuit. The website published his article on the home page.

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