Two New Short Scripts Added To The Scripts Page

Not one, but two new short scripts have been added to the scripts page.  here-alone-1

The first is The Outcasts, a drama about a young man in a bleak world. He wanders a near deserted city, grabbing food and supplies where he can. The only other people he encounters are fellow Outcasts like himself – masked strangers who are just trying to survive.

Each day he must seek shelter by 5:30 pm and hide from a pair of mysterious entities who seem to be searching for him. Then one spring day, he forgets about the clocks going forward and finds himself out in the open at the worst possible time.


enchanted-quillThe second is The Enchanted Quill. This is based on a 150 year old Fairy Tale by Franz Xaver von Schönwerth and was only recently discovered among a treasure trove of lost fairy tales.

The script is a modern day adaption which focuses heavily on horror elements. It follows a troubled woman who discovers a magic application on the internet which grants wishes. The catch – each wish uses up a small percentage of her soul.

She uses it to kidnap and confront three men from her dark, disturbed past. Seeking answers she compels the men to speak the truth but events soon spiral out of control as her soul becomes more and more corrupted and the quest for closure becomes an unquenchable thirst for revenge.