January 12, 2016


STORIESHere there be dragons! Well, stories anyway and maybe some dragons in the stories but if there are we will be very surprised as Mark has not written any dragon stories…yet.

There’s short stories, err…longer short stories and fan fiction!

If you’d like to discuss any of these stories or any other writing on this site with Mark, please get in touch.

Brax’s Choice (Sci-Fi) cyborg-human

A Cyborg finds himself infected with an artificially intelligent virus specifically designed to kill him. He faces an impossible choice – die, or wipe out every aspect of his programming which make him a unique, sentient being.

This story is a finalist in the Singularity 50 contest

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WHY-FY (Horror)

An obsessed man goes to extreme lengths to discover why his wife was brutally murdered.

Finalist in the Twisted Vol 2 competition. Warning, this one is not for the faint-hearted!

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The Create50 Initiative (Spoof Horror)

The Create50 Initiative is NOT what you think it is!

This is a spoof horror, written as a tongue-in-cheek homage to the Twisted 50 competition.

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Ultimate Adversary (Fantasy)

This story was written many moons ago. It could probably do with a spiffing re-draft but is still (probably) awesome and has never seen the light of day until now!

Marek is the leader of a band of magical warriors who defend the land from the forces of evil, only this time they are losing badly. Innocents are attacked by Faceless minions, while the land is suffering from a form of magical sickness which creates black holes in the landscape. Marek must lead his dwindling forces on a futile quest without any clues or much in the way of hope.

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The following are all published on the Fan Fiction Website – www.fanfiction.net

Indiana Jones and the Lair of the Horned Serpent

A field expedition with his students turns into a life or death race against time when Indiana Jones stumbles upon one of the greatest hidden secrets of all time.

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Final Voyage

According to Starfleet records, the USS Voyager and her crew returned home on Stardate 54973.4. Unofficially, a ship bearing the name Voyager suddenly appeared in the Alpha Quadrant almost a year before this date. Starring characters from all Star Trek Shows.

Warning, this is a work in progress. Mark has been writing this forever and may never complete it!

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Country of Cowcraft

A World of Warcraft Spoof following a Guid called Britofartus. Laugh insanely as he adventures in the lands of Earzaroff, only to discover it’s all been for naught when the first expansion is announced.

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