January 12, 2016


Are you after sci-fi, action, horror, drama, fantasy or comedy scripts? The scripts featured here are available now for production. Please contact Mark if interested in these, or would like to discuss any writing projects.

Ganglers (Horror, 13 pages)

A jaded correction officer transporting a busload of restrained inmates must choose whether to defend the prisoners she despises when they are attacked by creatures with a twisted sense of justice.

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A Taste of Hell (Horror, 4 pages)

When all the planets in the solar system align with the sun, a father enjoying a day out at the beach with his daughter is transported to a realm of suffering and given a glimpse of his own personal hell.

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Cyborn (Sci-Fi, 3 pages)

Severally damaged and pursued by an angry mob, an android uses a set of dice to help him select memories to relive before he runs out of power.

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The Broken Kingdom (Comedy Fantasy, 14 pages)

Set in an alternate timeline in which Guy Fawkes blew up parliament and overthrew the English monarchy, on its anniversary in 2018, a French-American businessman finds himself on the run with Scottish Freedom Fighters after he inadvertently commits an act of heresy.

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The Origin of Fear (Low-Budget Horror, 12 pages)

A university student working on a thesis about fear, stumbles across a technique for identifying dangerous individuals. Her latest experiment takes a lethal twist, when it becomes apparent her work is gaining the wrong type of attention.

Finalist – Shriekfest 2018

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Atoll’s Edge (Action, Martial Arts, 9 pages)

A soldier finds herself marooned on an island, defending a mysterious orb from an ever increasing number of faceless demons, but what she’s fighting for is far more precious than she realizes.

Script Currently Under Exclusive option to Native Dawn Productions.

Automatic Drive (Sci-Fi, 6 pages)

On a corporate controlled automated highway of the future, one family is about to find out the real price of progress.

Winner of a ‘Top Pick’ award in the Reel Writer 2015 finals

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The Enchanted Quill (Low-Budget Horror, 10 pages)

A troubled young woman seeking answers about her dark past discovers a magic software app that allows her to make wishes comes true, but at a price – each wish costs her a fraction of her soul.

Finalist in Shriekfest 2017

Finalist in the 13horror.com film and screenplay contest  

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The Outcasts (Drama, 9 pages)

Surviving in a bleak world, a young man must seek shelter by 5:30 PM every day to avoid mysterious entities which seem to be searching for him.  A mishap results in him being stuck out in the open at the worst possible time.

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Local Hero (Comedy, 6 pages)

A teenager discovers he’s inherited ridiculous superpowers but before he can master them, he encounters his father’s famous arch-nemesis.

Finalist – Hollywood Comedy Shorts

Semi-finalist – MC2 Screenplay to Film Competition 2016

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Seek (Horror, 7 pages)

A kidnapped women must unleash a dark, deranged personality she has kept locked, deep inside her mind since childhood, if she is to stand any chance of surviving.

Finalist in Shriekfest 2017

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You Reap What You John Doe (Sci-Fi Action, 18 pages)

A small town sheriff takes on more than he bargained for when three John Does come back from the dead. One claims to have travelled from the future to save mankind, while the other two seem intent on stopping him at all costs.

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The Man Behind The Curtain (Micro-Horror, 4 pages)

A child is haunted by a mysterious man behind a curtain who no-one else can see; a shadowy figure who wants to destroy his childhood by bombarding him with horrific subliminal images.

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Food For Thought (Sci-Fi, 18 pages)

Mankind has fallen, sick and weak they rely on machines to survive. The story of their downfall is told via a unique perspective; a Pale Man watching TV on a holographic array. The programs he scans are chosen by his mind and linked subconsciously to the crisis.

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Planet 3 (Low-Budget Sci-Fi/Fantasy, 10 pages)

A brother and sister wind down at the end of the day in a bar. Their language is quirky, their behaviour rather odd but their intentions are Earth-shattering.

  • Currently in Post-Production.

I Got 99 Problems (Dark Fantasy, 11 pages)

An office worker returns home after a long day and embarks on a rather surreal journey in a faulty elevator to the 99th floor.

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Mr. Time (Sci-Fi Fantasy, 22 pages)

A student at Cornell University in New York carries out the world’s most comprehensive online search for evidence of Time Travellers. She finds a positive match; on Twitter.

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Psychopaths Anonymous  (Low-Budget Horror Comedy)

Obsessed with the brutal murder of his wife, a social media star goes on an obsessive hunt for answers. His research leads him to Psychopaths Anonymous, a secret organisation dedicated to controlling the killer instincts of its members. There he embarks on a dangerous and bizarre twelve-step program where he struggles to stop himself becoming that which he fears the most; a killer.

Currently under development – contact Mark if you are interested in further details.

Cyborn (Sci-Fi)

Braxx Dryden, Cyborg Private A.I. is working his last case. Infected with a nanovirus that’s deleting his memories, he must stop the bad droid, save the sexbot and find an antivirus before he no longer remembers who he is.

Currently under development – contact Mark if you are interested in further details.

Caged Monsters

A woman unjustly accused of murdering a cop, fights for survival when the prison bus she’s transported in crashes into the Louisiana swamp. Now she must try to escape not only from the group of criminals and murderers she’s trapped with, but also a mythical, bloodthirsty beast.

Currently under development – contact Mark if you are interested in further details.

The Nearscape 

In the not-too-distant future, Earth’s hidden masters initiate a plan to decommission the planet, three unlikely heroes who are just trying to survive the unfolding chaos are guided by a mysterious resistance movement called The Light Brigade toward unearthing an ancient, global conspiracy. 

Currently under development – contact Mark if you are interested in reading the pilot script.


The Monster Chronicles (Horror Comedy, 26 pages)

Strapped to a gurney in the back of an ambulance, an infected vampire hunter faces a race against time and the onslaught of the undead. Meanwhile a Werewolf Hunter and the Last Known Jamaican Witch Hunter, team up to investigate a mysterious disturbance.

This is an expanded version of my short. It is a 30 minute pilot episode featuring more characters and is designed to be more of a black horror comedy than the original short script.

My Doctor (Sci-Fi Drama, 41 pages)

A 50th anniversary special episode of Doctor Who starring every incarnation of the Time Lord.

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