No More Tomorrows – Now Available On Amazon

Back in 2014 Mark decided to stick a big finger to fear and went for it. He saved up for a year and wrote the cheapest script he could think of, but still made it cool of course!

With cash in one hand and script in the other, he managed to snag the interest an up & coming young director in LA by the name of Christopher Carson Emmons, and a transatlantic collaboration was born. This resulted in their first short film called No More Tomorrows, a thriller with a message about appreciating today.

After jumping through many hoops, this is now available to rent or for free on Amazon Prime in both the UK and US.

If you do have Prime and a few moments of time, could you check it out and leave a nice review? As a bonus if you could say yes to, “Was this review useful to you?” on any nice reviews? This will hopefully encourage others to give it a try.

Any support is appreciated.

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